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Alienware 17in Gaming Laptop Review 

What a distinction a couple of inches makes. While the Alienware 17 work area substitution gaming PC isn’t a lot more modest than the 18-inch Alienware 18 rendition we as of late surveyed, it seems like a vastly different monster. Assuming the 18-inch model was an enormous tank that moved onto my work area like a vanquishing armed force, the Alienware 17in laptop variant feels more like a standard big-screen PC. Not versatile, however, of a size and weight you’ve seen previously.

While it’s less promptly great as a discussion piece, the more modest (obviously, that is a relative term here) skeleton is more ergonomic and simpler to use while gaming and web-surfing. However, it must go in a knapsack or under your arm for travel, even on those intriguing events.

Alienware 17in laptop

The compromises incorporate a more modest screen with a similar 1,920×1,080 goal, a solitary video card versus the eager-for-power SLI arrangement in the Alienware 18, and fewer hard drive choices. If you want to emulate the 512GB SSD and the 750GB HDD in the Alienware 18, you must trade away from the optical drive inlet.

A Slimmer And Lighter, But Still Not Precisely Portable

Regarding 17-inch gaming workstations, you have a more significant number of decisions than in the 18-inch size. Other than Alienware, Beginning PC, Maingear, Toshiba, Asus, and others make comparably designed 17-inch workstations, and most begin at around $1,500 for good, yet not eye-popping, specs. Our Alienware 17 adds a better quality Center i7 processor, the first-in-class Nvidia GeForce 780M, a Blu-beam player, and a 256GB SSD/750GB HDD stockpiling combo for an aggregate of $2,699—a charitable venture, no doubt, nothing near the $ 4,000 in addition to Alienware 18.

Alienware 17in

If you prefer to spend less than our more-costly Alienware 18 expenses, the 17-inch variant is more convenient while creating fantastic game execution. Your essential options are assembling or purchasing a non-versatile gaming work area or getting a comparable 17-inch framework from a shop PC creator. In the last option case, the compromise is between the brilliant plan and suspension development of the Alienware and the store-level active client support and overclocking you can get from a more modest PC gaming-trained professional.

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Technical Specifications

The Dell Alienware 17 gaming laptop is a powerhouse with high-end components that ensure top-notch performance for gaming and multitasking. Below is a table summarizing the key technical specifications of the computer:

ProcessorIntel Core i9-11900K 11th Gen
Graphics CardNVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 16GB GDDR6
Memory (RAM)32GB DDR4 3200MHz
Storage1TB SSD (NVMe)
Display17.3-inch FHD (1920×1080) 360Hz
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
ConnectivityWi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2
Ports3 x USB-A, 1 x Thunderbolt 4, 1 x HDMI, Ethernet
Battery LifeUp to 6 hours (varies with usage)
Weight9.04 lbs (4.1 kg)
Alienware 17in laptop

The Alienware 17’s technical specifications showcase its high-performance capabilities. The Intel Core i9 processor and powerful NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card ensure smooth gaming and content creation. The 32GB RAM and 1TB SSD provide ample space for multitasking and quick data access. The 360Hz FHD display promises stunning visuals, and the laptop’s connectivity options and range of ports make it versatile for various tasks. It’s important to note that the laptop’s battery life and weight may vary based on usage and configuration.

Design And Features

Even though the Alienware 17 and 18 contrast by one inch in screen size, the sizeable actual distinction between the two frameworks is enormous, as the greater Alienware 18 can fit in double video cards and different hard drives simultaneously. The 17-inch undercarriage is 1.8 inches thick, while the 18-inch rendition depends on 2.5 inches. That is particularly significant as the 18-inch Alienware console sits higher over your work area, and I experienced a few ergonomic difficulties with that. The 18-inch model gauges a burdensome 12.3 pounds without its bricklike power link and 15.5 pounds, while the Alienware 17 is 9.4 pounds alone and 11.4 pounds with its power link – – still heavy yet recognizably lighter.

Other than the size distinction, the two Alienware look almost indistinguishable. The most recent, no matter how you look, Alienware plan correction gives the framework a role as a thick, matte dark section, its monochromatic variety hindered simply by Alienware’s regular kitschy light show. It ingests light, not precisely mixing away from plain sight, yet unassuming for a thick, weighty, dark PC with dim lights and an outsider head logo on the rear of the top. The steady development feels exceptionally top-of-the-line in the hand, and I particularly like the delicate touch finish.

Alienware 17in

The most significant benefit the 17-inch model has over the 18-inch one will be one of solace. The greater Alienware is so thick that its console plate sits 1.75 and crawls over the work area. For gamers who finance a great deal of their energy with fingers balanced on the WASD keys, your arm and wrist are raised at an off-kilter point, exacerbated by the sharp-calculated front lip of the framework and how far the console is impaired from the edge.

In the Alienware 17, the console plate is just 1.25 inches high (toward the front, rising somewhat in the back), which has a significant effect. The console is nearer to the front lip, and I had more minor issues quickly getting my hands on the immeasurably influential WASD keys.

Besides that, the console and contact cushion will be natural to anyone who has seen the current-gen 14-inch and 18-inch Alienware frameworks. The huge keys are tightened marginally at the top to avoid accidental keystrokes. They have a great profundity, and the massive Shift, Control, and other keys frequently utilized in PC gaming are set well for in-game use. A total number cushion is to the right. However, this model loses the column of client-determinable large-scale keys found to the console’s left on the Alienware 18.

The illuminated touchpad is a decent size and keeps separate actual left and right mouse buttons instead of utilizing a more up-to-date Touchpad-style surface. However, it’s an unsettled issue for gamers, as you’ll likely involve an outer mouse for all your genuine gaming.

Alienware 17in laptop

Most would consider being normal from Alienware. However, the frame illuminates in fascinating ways, with an illuminated console, the Alienware logo, a light-up outsider head on the rear of the top, and a couple more zones. These can be controlled from the Outsider FX control board, a product application that permits you to browse preset topics or make your own, with various varieties for each illuminated zone. So it’s not considerably more than an incredible party stunt. However, I particularly like how the touch cushion is wholly inspired, can gleam in a few dozen tones and lights up when contacted.

Any big-screen gaming PC lives or bites the dust in light of its presentation. This 17.3-inch screen has a 1,920×1,080-pixel local goal, which you’d anticipate from a gaming PC. More modest, more affordable frameworks, from the MacBook Professional to the Lenovo Yoga 2 to the Toshiba Kirabook, all have higher goals, up to 3,200×1,800 pixels, and it’s not absurd to ask forward-looking gaming workstations to follow accordingly.

The 14-inch and 17-inch Alienware workstations have matte presentations, while the late checked-on Alienware 18 has a shiny showcase (all with a similar 1080p goal). I, for one, incline toward the matte search for less glare and eye fatigue, yet it’s anything but an issue regardless. The Alienware 17 looks incredible while messing around. However, I’ll concede that utilizing it just after the 18-inch form left me with some screen-size envy.

Connections, Performance, And Battery

Alienware 17in laptop

Despite being more modest, the Alienware 17 has a similar assortment of ports and associations as the Alienware 18. The framework incorporates HDMI and Smaller-than-expected DisplayPort yields, and I suspect you’ll seldom need to attach it to an outside show. You additionally get different sound results that can deal with 5.1 sound. There are three USB ports, so a gaming console, mouse, and an Xbox 360 game cushion will gobble those up rapidly.

Dell presently offers four pre-arranged beginning stages for the Alienware 17, each with a few adaptable choices. At $1,499, the base model is workable yet not refreshing, with a solitary GeForce 765M GPU, a 750GB hard drive, and 8GB of Slam. Note that the presentation is the most miniature expense model, just 1,600×900. Our critical overhauls incorporate a superior Intel Center i7-4800MQ computer chip, a solitary GeForce 780M GPU, 16GB of Slam, a BD-ROM drive, and a 256GB SSD matched with a 750GB HDD for $2,699. If I needed to pick up a few moves to put resources into, I’d go with the 1080p showcase and the Nvidia GeForce 780M design card.

The non-gaming application execution on the Alienware 17 is near, or sometimes marginally beats the Alienware 18, with a 4900MQ Center i7, yet can’t match the Beginning PC Age 17-SLX we’re presently trying, with a 4930MX Center i7. However, the distinctions need to be sufficiently critical to influence most clients. The Alienware 17 has a sizable amount of processing power for your day, regardless of whether you’re a heavy multitasker.

Gaming execution truly matters here, and where we can see the excellent contrast between a solitary card and a double card framework. At the same time, each expense costs about $2,000 more; the Alienware 18 and Beginning PC Age 17-SLX flaunt their GeForce 780M SLI arrangements. This Alienware 17 does very well for having a solitary 780M card.

Alienware 17in laptop

The Alienware 17, as arranged, ran our BioShock Endless test (high settings, 1,920×1,080) at 71 casings each second. The Alienware 18, with two GPUs, ran a similar test at 141 containers each second, while the Age 17-SLX ran that test at 117 edges each second. The complicated Metro: Last Light test, additionally at superior grade/high-goal settings, ran at 18.7fps versus 35.3fps on the Alienware 18 and 41.7fps on the Age 17-SLX.

The active focal point here is that the 17-inch single-card framework will, by and significant, play new games at medium-to-high settings at complete goal. For instance, in the new game War Zone 4, I ran “ultra” settings on Alienware 18 and “high” settings on Alienware 17.

The Alienware 17 is slender and lighter than the 18-inch adaptation, so it should have a LAN-party cordial battery duration. Continue to dream. While it showed improvement over other work area substitutions in our video playback battery test, running for 3:40 with practically no battery-testing ongoing interaction could be better. In any case, it’s over one hour better than the 18-inch rendition.

Are Alienware Workstations and PCs Worth the Effort In 2024?

Alienware 17in laptop

Alienware is an organization that produces perfect-quality gaming workstations, work areas, and screens.

Many individuals are contemplating whether their items are great and on the off chance that they merit the cash. This blog entry will examine the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing an Alienware PC or PC so you can decide whether to buy one.

We will likewise convince you if Alienware workstations and PCs merit purchasing. Thus, if you’re interested in learning about Alienware workstations and PCs, read on! The Alienware organization was established in 1996 by two school flatmates, Nelson Gonzalez and Alex Aguila.

They were both gamers and were fed up with not having great gaming PCs to browse, so they began their organization and made them themselves. Alienware’s first item was the Region 51m PC that delivered in 1997

Advantages Of Going With Alienware Workstations

Alienware 17in

The Alienware PCs and PCs look exceptionally smooth and in vogue, and they feel all-around made.

They Are Most Undoubtedly Dependable!

Alienware additionally has a decent history of creating incredible help for their clients when there is an issue with their item (assuming you read a few audits on the web. Of course, occasional grumblings will generally be about how awful their client support is. However, when something turns out badly with your machine or gets broken, they’ll fix or supplant it rapidly).

Assuming you purchase a PC from them, you can anticipate excellent execution. You will always enjoy running even the most requested computer games or applications on these PCs.

It’s incredible to do gaming and work/school since it can deal with anything you toss without dialing back. The Alienware War room programming is highly remarkable, as it contains many highlights that permit you to tweak your machine however you want.

That incorporates the capacity to make changes like changing the power of your illuminated console (if you get one of their models, which makes them set). In addition, the endless look on the trackpad changes what variety illuminates for specific things like volume settings. And such, overclocking (not every person knows this. Yet Alienware offers their workstations a choice to overclock their computer processors)—changing what variety illuminates when you close the cover, and so forth.

Alienware 17in laptop

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, the Alienware 17-inch gaming laptop is a powerhouse that lives up to its brand reputation. Its stunning visuals, robust performance, and innovative features offer a complete gaming package that will impress even the most discerning gamers.


1. Can the Alienware 17 run VR games smoothly? 

The laptop’s powerful specs ensure a smooth VR gaming experience.

2. Is the RGB lighting customizable? 

Yes, you can personalize the RGB lighting through Alienware’s software.

3. Does the laptop support external graphics cards? 

Yes, the Alienware 17 is compatible with external graphics card setups.

4. What is the battery life like during gaming sessions?

During gaming, the battery life is typically around 4 to 5 hours, but it’s recommended to plug in for optimal performance.

5. Can I boost the RAM and storage of the laptop? 

The laptop allows RAM and storage upgrades to meet evolving gaming needs.

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