Activision Blizzard inaugurates the Virtual Gamer Museum

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The concept of the Gamer Museum is impressive, and there are a few in real life. This Activision Blizzard Virtual Museum is no different …

Are video games a masterpiece? It is an idea that often raises the issue because in the same way many view cinema, Seventh Art, the emergence of video games, the level of artistic design, and the narrative and depth of their arguments equate them more than ever. Art or not, no one disputes that they are a popular tradition, making sense for Activision Blizzard to open this Virtual Gamer Museum.

Activision Blizzard is the biggest video game company in the multiplayer gaming industry. With key franchises enjoyed by billions of people, from Call of Duty to World of Warcraft, Diablo, and Overwatch.

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You will be amazed if you expect to find their games’ artistic expressions in this Gamer’s Gallery. Instead, it’s all philosophical and very bizarre …

The introduction explains that the Activision Gamer Museum is “a collaborative exhibition that explores six different components that make up a diverse gaming community. By examining gamers’ motives, identities, and behaviors, the exhibition will challenge players’ radical ideas.”

Activision Blizzard scrutinized the players, identifying the behaviors, motives, and types of players displayed in this visual gallery.

As soon as the two big hands came in, they asked us a straightforward question: “Are you a player?” Depending on the response, you go through various gallery corridors, but all can be freely explored.

The content is not very spacious, one room with 7 or 8 works of art promoted by gamers, but it is interesting. The narrator explains what each task means so that we can make sense of it.

He moves by dragging the mouse and tapping the functions, even though we miss the translation.

If you want to visit the Activision Blizzard Gamer’s Museum, access it through its website. Admission is free.

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