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If someone has entered your Facebook Account, how you would know

Do you suspect that someone has access Facebook account without your permission? Would you like to stay calm? In this report, we show you how to unmask your spy. Or, at the very least, make things difficult for him so that he cannot enter your account. So you can know if someone has come to your Facebook account.

As much as we repeat it to satiety in the technological media. The discipline insecurity is a subject that most users suspend. Creating weak and personal passwords such as the date of birthdays, their telephone number, or worse, 1234. Those passwords are not safe to log in to Facebook.
One of the direct consequences of this weakness in protecting user accounts is that someone in your own environment “guesses” that password. And can access your Facebook profile to spy on you without you noticing. Knowing if they have entered your Facebook is easy. Since the platform puts different tools at your disposal so you can get out of doubt.

Access your account and reveal the mystery

To know the content of that Facebook connection log. And find out if someone is spying on you on Facebook. The first thing you should do is log in to your Facebook account. Then, display the configuration options menu by clicking on the inverted triangle in the upper right corner of the screen. Here choose the option Settings.

Then, in the left side panel, access the Security and login section.
So if you want to see a more extensive history, you have to click on View more to display it. It is possible to say that the location of the connections is approximate. However, it indicates the location of the node or antenna of an operator from where the link made. It is possible that instead of your locality. One of those around you appears more next.

Close the circle around who is spying on you

The information that appears in this section can be beneficial to close a little more the circle around who is spying on you. Since you can know some additional data that will serve as a clue to unmask whoever accesses your Facebook account without permission.

The location that appears in this section can give you a clue as to whether someone close to you has entered your Facebook account. However, if this section shows connections from remote cities that you have not visited and even from other countries, everything indicates that the security of your Facebook account is compromised. Other relevant data can give you more clues to know if someone has entered your Facebook account.

If the type of device or operating system of the invention from where your account has access. If it appears that a connection has made from the computer with Linux and you use Windows. It is a clear indication that someone has entered your Facebook without your permission. Also, by placing the mouse pointer over the location from which it connected. The public IP of the router from which it connected appears.

And what can it do for you? Well, for example, to determine that, although the connection made from the same location. By having a different IP address from the one you usually use. It shows that it connected from a different place than what you typically use (your home, work, etc.). Which discards members of your family, partner, etc. Unfortunately, except for the date and time indicator. It is impossible to know if someone is using your computer or mobile phone to access your Facebook account.

Take intruders from your Facebook Account

Based on the data provided by the connection log. It will not be difficult for you to determine whether the connections are yours or not. So you can close all those sessions that you do not identify or that you have doubts.

For this purpose, click on the three points that you will find to the right of each record. So that the options are displayed and choose the Exit option, that will log out of that device. If you want to do “blur and new account” closing all open sessions, click on the link Exit all courses that you will find in the lower right corner of that section.

Change your Facebook account password

When you close the open sessions, the only thing you get is that the intruder who has entered your Facebook account must re-enter the password on the device to re-access your account. If once it has done, why wouldn’t he be able to repeat it?

The next step, to prevent the Facebook account from unauthorized access. The next steps should be to change the user password of your Facebook account immediately.

To do this, you have to click on the Edit button of the Change password option. That you will find in the Login section that you have just below the connection log.

Next, the password change options displayed where you must indicate the current password. Create a new password that is more secure and complicated than the one you currently have. So that they cannot “guess it” quickly, and confirm the new password.

Then, click on Save changes, and you will have been able to expel the intruders from your Facebook account. Since they will not be able to log in to your profile again.

For security purposes, it is advisable to repeat this process from time to time and close active sessions. That way, you prevent someone from accessing your Facebook account without your permission.

Facebook Messenger returns to its origins, and bets on a more direct and simplified design.

access facebook account

The new update for Facebook Messenger has turned the messaging application into something more straightforward and more direct. Advocating its primary use, which is communication and leaving out other tabs such as to discover or games.

As a result, the Discover tab has gone to a better life, and the Chatbots have hidden. So that the user can focus on what matters to him: chat with his friends and family.

Those that have not yet eliminated have been chatbots, which, although they are no longer present as strikingly. As before, remain hidden but over time, it has shown that users do not use these types of applications that offer canned answers to basic questions.

access facebook account

Facebook Messenger is one of the most popular instant messaging applications. Only behind WhatsApp, and at a level very similar to WeChat. Still, during the last years, it has included a series of unnecessary features that have been able to affect its growth. Facebook has decided to focus on the basics and dispense with individual ornaments.
At the moment, this more simplified Facebook Messenger design is not available to everyone. Since it is a staggered update that is arriving by regions. So it is likely that you still cannot enjoy it.


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