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8 Difference between video game design and video game development

The gaming industry is one of the most profitable worldwide. Billions of players play different kinds of games, and this number is still on the rise. The sector attracts revenue and massive profit figures, which surprises many people. The industry continues to blossom at an exponential rate. Everyone now wants to know how to build a game and start accumulating revenue; however, this involves many steps, details, and confusion.

Video game design and development sound very similar, and they are, to an extent, but professionals can only point out the differences. So, this article will help you understand the difference between video game design and video game development. It will also cover top Indian video game developers.
What is the difference between video game design and video game development?

We will now cover a few differences between video game design and development. Since these terms are very similar, make sure you read through these stated differences very carefully.

1) Definitions: Video game design begins with imagination, like any other project. Video game designing deals with questions like what audience you will be targeting, the genre of the game, and what your end product is envisioned to look like. Post ideation, you detail the inputs, including characters and plots. After this, you proceed to the intricate design of the scenario. Video game development, on the other hand, is the next phase. Your video game starts taking shape, and this phase involves coding, software development, and mapping the plan of the gameplay. Finally, you need to test, refine and tune the game to be the best possible version.

2) The professionals: A video game designer has experience and deep knowledge of games. They have the psyche of the gamers. A video game developer transforms ideas and concepts into a functional and playable game.

3) What happens in each stage: In video game design, the idea of the game is finalized. Then, the game starts taking shape in video game development, so the idea is put on paper and worked with.

4) The end goal of each phase: The end goal of video game design is that the game’s idea and concept are fool-proof with the plot, characters, backstories, etc. On the other hand, the end goal of video game development is that the idea is brought into a different form – one that is playable and efficient for video game enthusiasts.

5) Skills required for each: Skills necessary for video game design include excellent visual skills, knowledge of 3D modeling, a robust approach towards development, good communication and task management, good problem-solving, excellent logic-building, and creativity and innovation. On the other hand, for video game development, you must possess skills like excellent coding, programming languages, complex problem-solving, attention to detail, experience accumulating all parts of the game, and learning and ease of languages like C++.

6) Topics you need to know in each phase: In video game development, you need to know about virtual reality games, AI, game design techniques, game simulation, advanced algorithms, and implementation of physics and mathematics. In video game design, you need to know about virtual production, motion graphics, 3D sculpting, analysis and statistics, game engines, and advanced game texturing.

7) Who does each professional need in their team: Game developers need junior game programmers, senior game programmers, software engineers, and game directors. Game designers need character artists, video game programmers, design strategists, and video and character animators.

8) Job description: A video game developer’s job description will include working with graphics, and sound effects, communicating with designers, managing characters, etc. A video game designer’s job description will be able to research new objects, analyze changes, use new methods and techniques, play with multiple genres, learn about the target audience, design the storyline, and understand the game’s rules.
Now that we’ve covered the core differences between video game design and development, we can talk about top Indian Video game developers.

Top Indian Video game developers

Being an artistic country, India lends their techniques and technology to create games that interest players. Companies in India select creative techniques and approaches for commercializing, which allows them to complement original games and maximize the satisfaction of customers. Top game development companies create excellent games that entice players to stick around and play. A few of these top Indian video game developers include –

1) L&T infotech – they focus on full game development from the thought to the porting. They provide end-to-end solutions to projects through all stages.
2) NGFT – Nilee Games and Future Technologies Pvt. Ltd has a core focus of being an excellent gaming service provider. They provide product development by integrating technologies like Motion sensing, Robotics, and Simulation.


While game design and video game development are different, they work together to create the best video games available. If you want to develop your video game, you must learn about the trends in technology, and depending on these, you need to make decisions about your game. Stay in tune with the changes in these trends and update the requirements for your video game in time. So, if you need any of these services, you will know what you need to finish the project. Excellent application development companies can always help you in this process: they can help build and design game concepts to improve the gaming experience.

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