7 Hidden Google Fun Games You Can Play for Free

Time seems to pass slowly, but when you are lonely and unable to find ways to give time. Thankfully, Google has hidden it — you don’t need a PC or console to offer, as hidden Google Fun mini-games in almost all of its products, from Chrome and Search to Google Earth.

That includes classic favorites like Pac-Man and Tic-Tac-Toe and other Google realities like a secret dinosaur game. So if you are bored, struggling with counting hours, and are very busy with the day’s work, then these hidden Google games can be the answer. Here are seven hidden google fun games you can try right now.

Flight Simulator Game (Google Earth)

Hidden Google Fun Games

Flight Simulator is a game that all aviation geeks have installed on their PC, but it is exciting for most users. However, if you ever want to know how to get into the cockpit and fly your plane, you don’t need a copy of Microsoft Flight Simulator to do it — you need a hidden Google Earth Pro game installed on your PC.

Open the Google Earth Pro and press Ctrl + Alt + A to launch the Flight Simulator window to play Flight Simulator. Allows you to select your flight, start location, and control the play stick template.

Try it — it’s completely free to play. Like Microsoft Equator, Google Earth Flight Simulator is a tricky “game” to get your head around, but also it is a fun way to explore the planet without exiting your home.

Dinosaur Game (Google Chrome)

Hidden Google Fun Games

If you’ve wondered why you see a dinosaur in Google Chrome whenever you lose your connection trying to access a page, don’t worry. That is a secret Google hidden game you can try.

Google’s dinosaur machines are easy to understand in the core of other endless runner games like Temple Run. If you can’t connect to the page and see the Google dino, press the space key on your keyboard to start the game.
The dinosaur will leave — when you reach an obstacle (in this game, cacti), press the space key to jump.

It’s that simple. If the page is accessible, do not worry because you can access the game clone for free online.

Hidden Google Fun Games

Another hidden Google Search game is the classic Solitaire game (Patience elsewhere). Lastly, if you have ever been bored on Windows PC, you will probably know this card game.

To play it, type solitaire (or a game of patience) in Google Search in any browser and press the Play button. You can choose to play easy or difficult modes by pressing one of the options.

Once the game has started, Solitaire’s usual experience — is to drag and drop cards according to the rules. If you like the desktop version of this classic game, there are also versions of Solitaire software available that you can try on Windows.

Clouds (Android)

Hidden Google Fun Games

If you are looking for a hidden Google Android game, try Clouds. Unfortunately, this classic game will only appear if you search on Google in the Google Android app while your device is offline.

You’ll see a pop-up icon next to the None when you do it. Press it — this will introduce a full-screen cloud game.
Clouds is a game in Flappy Birds style, so to play it, tap your touch screen to start the game, and save the cloud icon that looks happy in the air. You will need to avoid obstacles (birds, in other words), so be sure to plan when you see them.

You will need the Google app to play it, which most Android devices should have installed before. Install it if you do not have it, turn off WiFi, and stop walking.

There are no extended definition requirements for this — everyone is familiar with the fun Pac-Man fast game can offer you. That simple, easy, and fun classic is available to play right now on any browser.

To play Pac-Man, all you have to do is search for Pac-man or Pac-man in Google search. Instead of standard search captions or videos, Google will provide you with a playable, HTML5 version of the old Pac-Man game at the top of search results. Press the Play button, then use your keyboard arrows to move to get started.

Google Doodles

Google has changed its new art and entertainment logo to celebrate events for many years. At first, these were just pictures, but as web technology has evolved, these have evolved into a fully interactive experience.

A few ones past Google Doodles (as they called them) were some fun little games still playing in the history of Google Doodles. Of course, there are many sports to try, from ice skating to Rubik’s cube, and one of our favorites — is the 2012 Olympic basketball game.

You do not need anything special to play these, as you need your browser. So log in to the Google Doodles archive to try out these Google hidden games to pass the time.

Hidden Google Fun Games

Many of the games we have mentioned in this shortlist have become tangible, but if you are looking for a text-based adventure, you need to try the hidden travel game included in Google Search.

You will need to use the hidden Google Chrome console to use this. First, search for the text navigation in Google Search, right-click the browser window, and press Ctrl + Shift + J to open the browser console. Type yes and then press enters the console terminal to start playing the game.

Like the old script based in the 1980s and 1990s, you will need to follow the on-screen instructions to play it, moving the game forward using the instructions displayed in the console.

This old-school adventure is all about nostalgia — if it sounds like your game, try it today.

Fun with Google Hidden Games

Thanks to Google’s hidden games, you do not need to download Steam or purchase the console for regular entertainment. Instead, take advantage of Google games like Solitaire, Tic-Tac-Toe, and Flight Simulator to kill other tires.

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