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7 Cool HTML Effects Anyone Can Add to Their Websites

Am I looking for ways to improve your website development?

Web development is an essential part of running an online business. Performing regular updates on your website makes it adapt to the ever-changing online environment and market. A fully optimized website is safer than going for months without updating your website with the latest plugins or features. The user interface is a big deal regarding customer satisfaction, especially online websites. A visually pleasing website makes much more traffic drives than simple and boring websites.

Another thing that may be problematic is hiring a web developer or designer; unless you have a planned budget to hire and work with a web expert, you might want to back out from this option. Although the knowledge of creating websites function better and look better is vast, you need not worry about being a master web developer.

If you are seeking help from professionals looking for a top html5 application development company in and around your area, one of the perks of hiring from a closer locality is to have better communication. Web designers and developers need to clearly understand what their clients wish to teach in their business platforms; it is their job to bring this idea to a tangible reality. So, when you are hiring a web developer, ensure that you.

  1. Check their Track Record: Having a good track record gives you more insight into how dedicated the candidate is to maintaining their professional skills.
  2. Examine for Referrals: Getting a second opinion clarifies and guides hiring new employees.
  3. Examine their Portfolio or Case Studies: A well-made portfolio is a good sign of how well a candidate builds professional skills.
  4. Check Testimonials: Check websites and their comment section or get in touch with previous clients to see their past performance and experience.
  5. Contact previous employers to get feedback on their experience with the candidate: Get in touch with their previous employers to see if they have any honest feedback on the candidate’s work and behavior during the work process.

These give your insight into how other people view their performance and skills. Therefore, it is essential to partake in the mentioned actions to ensure you are working with a professional developer.

You don’t have to know CSS or PHP to build a stylish website with excellent features. Just some simple HTML tags and tips will make do! Here are a few of the web’s most popular 7 Cool HTML Effects that anyone can tap into.

The Cool Parallax Effect

Parallax scrolling, or the Parallax effect on websites, is a computer graphics technique many web designers use to create a faux 3D influence on the contents. When users scroll down the web page, there is a random movement of the layers of content or background that move at different speeds, causing an optical illusion. Customers love to experience the parallax effect. It adds visual depth to the content and enhances your content. To create a parallax effect on your website,

  1. Use a container element.
  2. Add a background image to the container and specify the height
  3. Use the background attachment: fixed
  4. This creates the actual parallax effect

There are different examples with pixels and percentages; look more into online tech sites.

Scrollable HTML Comment Box

This enables you to pack long sentences of text into a compact format and helps save space on the page. You can use different colors and sizes of the text box to match the aesthetic you’re going for; try the following input,

<div style=” width: 25%; height: 50px; overflow: auto; scrollbar-face-color: #CE7E00; scrollbar-shadow-color: #FFFFFF; br /scrollbar-highlight-color: #6F4709; scrollbar-3dlight-color:#11111; scrollbar-darkshadow-color: #6F4709; br /scrollbar-track-color: #FFE8C1; scrollbar-arrow-color: #6F4709;”>

Put some text in the box to see how large the readers get and stretch, and eventually, the scroll bars appear. You can scroll through the text. Check out online template generators to create the snazziest design if you want a more stylish format.

Highlighted Text

A simple <span> HTML tag does the trick; it allows you to fiddle around with several cool effects to text and images. However, only a few of them work across browsers. For example, the mentioned code works in browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

The Input:

<span style=“background-color:  #FFF00>your highlighted text here

The Output:

-Your highlighted text here-

Highlighted texts create emphasis on specific keywords and make boring long descriptions appear easy to read. But try to make the color of the highlight visibility pleasing and calm.

Adding Background to Text

Similar to how we can add highlights behind the text or image, you can do the same by adding a background to the reader. Just make sure the text font is large enough to match the environment.

The Input:

<span style=”background-image: Url(; font-size: 20pt”>MakeUseOf presents…</span>

You can achieve the same result by adding the style and font elements to the text by using <strong> tag.

Adding Title Tooltip

This additional utility feature is popular when scrolling with your mouse over a manipulated text or image. This feature is commonly seen on websites with images, linked texts, and even menu items in desktop extensions or apps. Try the mentioned HTML code to include a tooltip feature on your web page

The Input:

<span title= “See, this is the tooltip. 🙂 “> Move your mouse over me!</span>

Now you have a functional tooltip on your web page

Scrolling or Falling Text

The scrolling or falling text is also called the marquee HTML or tag. A marquee HTML is demonstrated below the search tab if you search for it on the browser. The effect gives a fun visual element to your website and creates a somewhat engaging experience. Use the following code to activate this feature:

The Input:

<marquee>I wanna scroll with it, baby!</marquee>

This adds the scrolling effect to the text; however, if you want to customize it further with background color, direction, height, and so on, visit websites such as Quackit to add additional elements. Word of caution: don’t overuse the attributes to avoid annoying the visitors.

Html Spreadsheet

If you’re thinking of optimizing your web page by adding a spreadsheet, visit Tabelizer. It is an incredibly efficient tool that converts raw data into a neatly organized HTML table.

  1. Paste the raw data from any default spreadsheet, such as Excel, Docs, etc., into the tabelizer toolbox
  2. Customize with the use often Table Options and click on Tableize it
  3. Your HTML output is complete
  4. Click on Copy HTML to the clipboard to copy the newly generated HTML code and paste it into your website.

Try to edit the color of the background to make it look good.


HTML codes have been a big part of personally customizing a website; it is used to package web pages into customer preferences online. This also brings us to the next step of web development.

Hiring a html5 application development company is recommended because many technical requirements are needed to build a successful website or application.

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