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5 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel for More Views

Videos have always been the one key weapon for marketers to advertise their brand/ product. And as we welcomed the Internet and social media with open arms in our lives, producing, uploading, and sharing videos became easy, and now it helps to extend their reach.

As we have mentioned about video and social media in one paragraph, it must be a sin we don’t talk about YouTube. After all, it is the second most visited website in the world. And that is not all; according to the reports from YouTube, over one million hours of videos are watched on YouTube every day. So as now you know the impact and importance of YouTube, we suggest you start your YouTube channel now if you haven’t already.

Now you must be wondering, ‘there is so much competition on the platform, and as it is such a popular and important social media platform. The fight to get some recognition on the platform would be intense. We hate to break it to you – Yes, competition is immense. And several brands are using the platform to promote their products or establish themselves in front of the users.

But don’t worry, we have suggested you for the platform, then we also have some amazing strategies that might help you to get an edge over your competitors. There is no doubt that Youtube is an amazing platform and provides great opportunities to spread the message and offer the stage to capture more audience. But still, you need some of the strategies to stand out on the platform and capture as many audiences as you can. Hence, here are some of the smart tips that might help you to achieve the mentioned feat.

5 Easy and Yet Effective Tips To Gather More Views For Your YouTube Channel

As per the reports from YouTube, 70% of viewers say that YouTube makes them aware of new brands. Hence, we are safe to say that YouTube is a great marketing tool for businesses to establish some brand recognition. Hence we bring to you some of the smart ways to gather some views on your YouTube channel and utilize the platform to its great potential.

1.   Optimize your Youtube channel

No one can deny the fact that overall presentation matters a lot. It helps to draw attention and attract more audiences. Your YouTube channel is like your shop, where you showcase videos to your customers. So make sure you make your ‘shop’ presentable.

Here are some of the tips for making your channel more presentable and attractive – the first thing that comes while modifying the channel is the channel logo. Channel logo provides individuality to your YouTube channel, so make sure you have a creative and attractive-looking channel logo. The best idea would be to make your brand logo your channel logo to relate your brand with your YouTube channel. Another tip under the same topic is that you need to write a proper bio, make sure you use correct keywords, and explain about your brand and channel in a short, simple, and engaging way.

2.   Use appropriate keywords for your video title

While uploading the videos on the platform, don’t let that fact slip your mind that youTube works like a search engine, so efforts you make in using SEO for your website are the same effort you need to invest in your YouTube videos. While providing the title for your videos, make sure you use correct keywords to reach your target audience, and people looking for your videos can find them easily.

3.   Use appealing thumbnails

Whenever people search for any videos on the search bar, the first thing they notice is the thumbnail after the title. YouTube provides you the facility to upload the thumbnail of your choice, so now you have the power to use your choice’s thumbnail, make sure you have an attractive thumbnail that draws viewers’ attention.

4.   Content is the king

You can take this point as the rule book for your YouTube channel and, as a matter of fact, for any social media platform. This hack is simple – Make engaging and entertaining content, and your videos will be able to capture more viewers. There is no alternative for quality content. Remember, quality content can boost the reach and popularity of our video, and nothing can beat that.

5.   Embed YouTube channel on the website

As we all know, YouTube has such a huge user base; hence there might be the case that people fail to find your channel on the platform. And that might affect the views and reach of your channel. And the smart way to counter this problem is to embed a YouTube channel on your website. It creates a link between your website and your YouTube channel, so even if your visitor is unaware of your youtube presence, he gets an opportunity to watch your videos and the option to subscribe to your channel.

Summing It Up

Videos help you to express your message in a better way. They are vibrant, appealing, and stay fresh in the viewer’s mind for a long time. And all thanks to the emergence of social media, we have Youtube, the platform that allows us to upload videos and capture more audience. Hence, it is important to use the platform to a great extent, and for that, you need some smart strategies. So, now you know some easy tricks, so go ahead, use these tricks and capture the audience.

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