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5 Must-Have Tools to keep track of your word count

Writing a blog post or other relative content is not the same as writing a research paper.
You do not have to supply as much proof or include every detail you learned about the subject; instead, present your results clearly and orderly. Before you begin writing your content, you must know how to summarize it in the necessary word or character count.

Knowing how many words a blog article will include when composing it is often helpful.
That is especially true if you want to distribute the finished content on another platform, such as an eBook, newsletter, or social networking platform like Facebook or Quora.

While planning future posts, having word count criteria can help ensure that each piece of content stays within a specified range.

Here Are 5 Must-Have Tools to Keep Track of Your Word Count:


You might have heard about Grammarly before through an ad or a friend.
Grammarly has been around for quite some time and is one of the best tools out there that can help you keep track of your words but also help you refine your grammar and writing.

You can write or upload a document in The “My Grammarly” section on the main page of the Grammarly site.
Grammarly Provides you with different text editing options. And at the same time, it can provide vital info about your writing, such as Word count, character count, reading time, and Speaking time. And even your readability score.


word count

That is one of the best writing tools out there.

You can find a whole range of word or character counter tools on the internet that you can use to keep your word or character count in check.

Word-Counter.io can assist you in breaking down your text and checking for grammar and inform you how many pages, words, characters, and words it has and your wood density, which is a crucial factor.
This Word Counter is a dedicated tool that helps refine your content and keep it structured.


You may wonder why we added an Online Notepad to our tool list. This tool has multiple benefits besides providing the user with a simple word count.

In addition to counting words and lines, the online notepad tool offers a selection of text styles, ranging from several fonts to text layouts.

From the text editing options bar on the text pad, you may select from several text fonts and modify the size. And choose different headers, bold and italics cases, text alignments, etc.

If you utilize the rich text function, these choices will allow you to adjust and change the writing to fit your needs.

It will assist you in putting all of the words in the correct order while keeping the message’s structure and tone.

If you start typing or pasting something into the online notepad’s text field, you can change it while staying under your word limit.

Quillbot Writing Tools

Quillbot is one of the best writing tools currently on the market today.

They offer many writing tools to writers worldwide, such as Paraphrasers, Grammar Checkers, Plagiarism checkers, Co-Writer, Citation generators, and our topic of discussion, the Summarizer.

The Summarizer tool of Quillbot can quickly summarize the user’s content.

The Summarizer in Quillbot can quickly reduce articles, papers, or documents to their most essential points.

Their AI uses natural language processing to identify vital information while keeping the original context.
The summarizer tool can help you acquire the information you need from a news story, a research paper, or a complicated paragraph.

Key Sentences and Paragraph Mode are the two methods of automated summarization available on the tool.

The Key Sentences mode takes the input and displays it in bullet point format, highlighting the most significant sentences.

You may alter the number of sentences you receive by adjusting the summary length slider.
Paragraph mode condenses the input into a paragraph that incorporates features of summarizing. And paraphrasing to produce a smoothly flowing text that clarifies central themes and critical facts.
The summary length slider also allows users to decide how long the paragraph should be.

Quillbot provides the user with two different types of Text Analysis and Statistics. Fluency and Difference.
Fluency has average words in a sentence, average syllables in a word, and Content Readability.
The difference has Sentence count, word count, character count, percentage change, and longest whole words.

Text Readability Calculator Tool

This free online tool determines the readability of your text.

The readability indicator used here is the years of schooling required for a person to interpret the content readily on the first reading.

Your work will score higher when you utilize more straightforward language and short phrases.
It also shows complex sentences with many words and syllables with ideas for making them more readable.

The number of characters, words, and sentences and the average number of characters per word, syllables per word, and words per sentence are all presented to the user.


This article highlighted five must-have tools to help you keep track of your word count while writing. Using these tools can help you stay on track and produce high-quality content. Sign up for our weekly email newsletter to learn more ways to improve your productivity. Then, to ensure you do not waste time writing long content, try out these simple and effective tools discussed above for writing straightforward, concise, and structured content.

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