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5 most used OCR tools to extract text from the image

Most businesses and firms are turning towards the digital form. Due to this, sharing of receipts and documents is. And invoices are shared online in image or scanned document formats.
Another most used format to exchange documents is PDF. Whenever you think about extracting text from that particular format, you might feel it hard to do this.
OCR tools are designed to cover various dimensions of the digital world. It is the best way to automate data from any image without doing a little bit of hard work.

What is the OCR tool?

OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, is a specific technology. That identifies words written on a scanned document or image and shows it in editable format.
It uses in many other fields like text-to-speech, text from PDF, and text from images. When you have searched for a tool to get a text from any image, it was the time when you first looked for OCR tools.
This tool will scan an image having any resolution or quality. And pattern to identify what exactly has been written on it. Then, it will show the text, characters, numbers, or designs in editable format.

5 OCR tools to extract text from the image

Here we have made a list of handpicked tools that are considered the best. You can pick any of them to get a text from any image within seconds.


Suppose you are a beginner in this field and want to extract data. Then you should pick the converter by
This tool has all the features you might look for in an extractor. It will auto-scan your image and identify even a single character written on it.

5 most used OCR tools

You only have to insert the image from which you want to extract data and hit the “Submit” button. It also has an “Enter Image Path” option to make this process easier.

You can paste any image link by copying it from the internet. Doing this will get the text written on any image in the box given below.
You can copy it to your clipboard or download it in document format. The only issue with this tool is that you can’t extract text from many images simultaneously.

5 most used OCR tools

Due to this, it might be uncomfortable for students who want to get data from their scanned assignments.


In the second position, we have an image-to-text converter from The interface of this tool is much like the above tool.
But it has an extra feature because of which a lot of students prefer to pick this tool. This converter can do bulk conversion with a single click of the mouse.

5 most used OCR tools

You can input many images to get their data within seconds. With this feature, you can extract any business document.
Another fantastic feature of this tool is that it will ensure 100% accurate extraction. No matter for what purpose you want to convert an image to text, it will always show the perfect results.

5 most used OCR tools

All in all, this is the best tool that you can pick to extract text from any image.

3. provides a complete set of converters to assist people from different fields. You can also pick the tool from this platform to convert images to text.
This tool allows an advanced feature to upload links to many images in the given “URL” box. You only have to separate all the connections with commas to dictate to the tool that these are separate links.

Also, it supports all formats for input images, including JPEG, PNG, and others. It will also enable you to convert handwritten images into an editable format.
So, we can say that this is a comprehensive tool that you can use in any condition without any restriction. Pick this tool and get a text from any image within a fraction of a second.


If you have to use an image-to-text converter off and on in your tasks, you can pick You can extract text from images with a few clicks on this platform.
The process to complete your task with this tool is simple. You only have to input data using on-screen instructions. This tool does not restrict you, regardless of your image’s format.

After entering the image, you only have to hit the button. The tool will extract text and show it in the box where you can copy it.
You can convert images to text and complete your task in these simple steps.

5. Google Document

Google also serves the community to do this task with simple and easy steps. Almost 80% of the total population over the internet has a Google account and access to its drive.
You only have to upload the image in Google Drive using simple steps. When you have done this, right-click on that particular image.
You will get an option named “Open With” click on it and select Google Documents. It will take a while to open the image in the document format.
Below the image, you can see the text written on it. You can edit it if you want or copy it to paste it anywhere you want.

Final Wrap

OCR tools have become essential in our lives as we convert digital data into a similar format. We can’t do this as it will take a lot of time.
Along with this, there will be huge chances that we may extract text because of image quality or content complexity.
So, you should choose any of the above tools and get a text from any image or scanned document.

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