Yearly Archives: 2020

The Facebook game, Farmville will disappear in 2021

The FarmVille game

Image by – Facebook will remove many of the Flash games that caused a sensation years ago, including the most successful, the FarmVille game. Exchanging sheep with your contacts is over, we could say, but indeed that is long gone from your life. Games like FarmVille triumphed for a …

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This is how powerful the new iPhone 12 processor is

new iPhone 12

Image by – Apple’s new processor that will be available on the new iPhone and iPad has already set a new performance record in the Geekbench trial. It has never been on the market, but Apple will compete and finally launch its new iPhone 12 lineup to try to …

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The mistake you should never make with your Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Image by – The manufacturer has recommended that the Nintendo Switch be charged at least once every six months so that the battery does not deteriorate. As with any device, consoles have their maintenance and acceptable practices to prevent them from deteriorating quickly due to use, or disuse, that …

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Google Meet incorporates two interesting Zoom functions

zoom functions

Image by – Starting next week, Google Meet will roll out two new highly-requested Zoom functions: Polls and Q&A. To this day, many companies continue to bet on teleworking. These companies aim to reduce their employees’ travel as much as possible, thus slowing down the coronavirus spread. Against this …

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Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a, Google’s new 5G mobiles

google pixel 5

Image by – It would be a presentation dedicated to home devices, but Google has surprised by introducing the new Google Pixel, which embraces the 5G connection. Two new models join Google’s Pixel family. With the G as the main protagonist. They are the new Pixel 4a 5G and …

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Xbox Game Pass reaches 15 million subscribers

Xbox Game

Image by – Xbox Game Pass already has 15 million subscribers. In the official statement of its agreement with Bethesda, it is confirmed that it has added 5 million users in less than five months. The impact Xbox Game Pass is having on the video game industry is undeniable. …

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