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GeForce Gaming PC Desktop vs Gaming Laptop

geforce gaming pc

Today we look at the performance of Geforce gaming pc desktop vs. laptop graphics, re-discussing the topic we last posted more than a year ago when Nvidia introduced the first GeForce RTX GPU for mobile. The real investigation is embellished by the confusing Nvidia fraud scheme, where Laptops and desktop …

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Top 10 Music Player for Android and iPhone

top 10 music player for android

Most people these days prefer to stream music instead of downloading it to their phones. However, some do not want to rely on the Internet and prefer to listen to their offline music collection. If you’re going to the second group, here are some of the top 10 music player …

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The Best Photo Editing Apps for Android

best photo editing apps for android

Eight best photo editing apps for android to enhance your photos The Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store have no shortage of best photo editing apps for android and ios to choose from. We have separate guides for the best photo editing apps for android and ios, but we …

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Best Android Video Player Apps For FREE In 2020

best android video player

V.L.C. Media Player VideoLAN (V.L.C.), a participant started as a pupil undertaking and became one of the best video player, maximum famous media players worldwide, has lately had a birthday – turned 1.0. I notion this turned into a notable possibility to write approximately it and show you ways noteworthy …

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Genially, 5 tricks to get the most out of it


Genially is a Spanish platform for creating interactive presentations and experiences, already used by more than 5 million people in 190 countries. In this article, we show you what Genially offers and how to take advantage of it. We live in an era of interactive imaging. And consume large amounts …

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The Best Free Android apps of 2020

free android apps

Color in the numbers of Paint paintings App There are lots of free coloring apps on Android, but Color by Number Oil Painting is the best, as it contains hundreds of beautiful, sophisticated images in various categories (such as ‘birds’ and ‘still alive’), with many images, added every day.Coloring these …

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The Best PC Games for 2020

the best pc games

If you want great PC games to play, you’ve come to the right place. There are many video games in this circle that you can enjoy, and they are well organized by genre. how are you not?) They should visit the Steam Curator PCMag page with the Steam Chat team. …

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Best Free Video to mp3 converter software

best free video to mp3 converter

Wondershare Video Converter free Wondershare Free Video Converter is the software program that could assist the customers to convert videos effortlessly to another format. This software is absolutely free and may help the users to convert several video and audio codecs so that they may be well-matched with the device …

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The best free online games for PC and consoles

free online games

Playing video games should not be expensive entertainment. There are countless free online games that you can enjoy on your PC, console, or mobile phone. But you have to understand what a free concept means, at least in this area. Few online video games are really free. And the ones …

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Instagram already has its TikTok clone ready


As news about the possible blockade in the United States of the Chinese social network TikTok begins to arrive, Instagram is close to launching a very similar application. The competition has taken good note of what the TikTok success formula is, and it already has its own version close at …

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Samsung dates 6G to 2028 with microsecond latency and 1,000 Gpbs spikes

5g in mobile

It is possible that you still do not have a 5G mobile and that, if you have it because there are models that are lowering the price of entry to this technology, you cannot use it because 5G mobile networks are not too widespread in our country. Of course, some …

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