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The Witty Device which can double the Battery life of your Mobile

best battery life phone

You have to recharge the device more often. And in a short time, you get tired and change the battery or buy a new phone with best battery life or fitness bracelet. Witty is a device that doubles the life of your mobile and portable assault or any other cell. …

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COVID-19 Opens the door for Chrome & Windows 10 to Hackers


These browsers, cybercriminals’ favorite targets, will be more vulnerable from now on. An EI coronavirus month of programmers’ work carried forward. As a consequence, Google has announced that it will stop issuing updates for Chrome. And has halted the release of version 81 that is in its beta phase. Although …

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Xiaomi launches the new model of the Mi 10 for 5G

The primary camera of the Xiaomi presented this Friday has a capacity of 108 megapixels. Xiaomi mobiles presented this Friday the new Mi 10 Pro model. The president of the international division of Xiaomi mobiles, Shou Zi Chew. Presented this Friday a new model of his company’s flagship device. The …

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March comes with curves: All the mobiles that will present in the coming days

cell phone companies

Although there are still a couple of weeks left until the end of March. It seems that the cell phone companies have saved their great presentations for last. In the coming days, we will meet many of the large terminals that we have been waiting for months; we tell you …

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How to Enable full URL in Google chrome

google chrome extensions

Google Chrome is undoubtedly the most popular browser and has the most users today. It also means that when some new function arises, many will be favored. However, sometimes developers introduce new features that most do not like. Today we will talk about a new feature that the Google browser …

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Microsoft Surface Pro X, Analysis and Opinion

microsoft surface pro

The Best Slimmer designKeyboard and Slim PenPixel Sense displayDolby Audio sound The Worst Software compatibilityFootprints on the backFew USB portsNo WiFi 6 or 5G Microsoft surface pro X is Microsoft’s new 2-in-1 convertible that bets on an ARM processor. Will it offer adequate performance to compete with fierce rivals like …

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Malware targeting smartphones and the Internet of Things increases


Malware targeting mobile devices has continued to grow year after year, as users keep their mobiles unprotected. Furthermore, the attacks are now targeting the Internet of Things, a sector that has a shallow level of security for all the personal information it processes. For a long time, smartphones have ceased …

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The Best Strategy Games for PC

best strategy games

The following are the best strategy games which we have for PC, The games that have marked before and after in the genre, and that is very best, they are the ones that help to make a genre loaded PC is one more gaming platform. With the latest generation of …

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Apple launches its most powerful model with a LIDAR sensor and a floating keyboard

lidar sensor

Apple today introduced a new iPad Pro. Surprisingly, this is how the new Apple tablet, new cameras, more power, and a new keyboard have arrived. Although without a doubt, what is most surprising is the choice to include a new LIDAR sensor. A new Macbook Air and a refreshed iPad …

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Samsung begins Mass production of the first UFS 3.1 memory with 512 GB

mobile storage

Samsung has announced the launch of the fastest memory manufacturing known in the mobile industry. They are the memories of the new UFS 3.1 memory standard more efficient than the previous standard. “With this new, faster mobile storage solution, smartphone users will no longer have to worry about those mobile …

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Google Translate activates the option to transcribe conversations in another Language

google chrome extensions

A few weeks ago, this novelty of Google Translate announced, but it seems that it is already becoming a reality for more and more users. For a few hours, the application has been updating with the option of instantly translating and transcribing between different languages. In this article, we will …

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The Best Mini PCs (small computers) you can buy

best mini pcs 2019

Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized our lives, in more ways than one, and have caused us to change our perspective on what a smart device should be. Now take a look at the best Mini PCs you can buy right now. Keep in mind that some of them, especially the …

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Huawei MediaPad M6 Pro 10.8 – Analysis And Review

huawei mediapad m6 pro

The Best Screen and its formatResounding soundAutonomyDesktop mode and power The Worst Thick framesProtruding camera moduleHMS is still green, and apps are missingWithout Google services What is life like with an Android tablet without Google services? Next, we leave you our analysis of the Huawei Mediapad m6 pro 10.8 “. …

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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Analysis And Review

samsung galaxy s20 price

The Best 120 Hz displayHardwareBattery with fast chargeZoom (up to 10X) The Worst Excessive weightThe 100X zoom claimMonotonous finishesHigh price Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 range has landed in Spain. The Korean manufacturer was one of those who anticipated the Mobile World Congress. The presentation of its range of flagships for …

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iPhone 11 Pro Max, analysis and Opinion

apple iphone 11 plus

The Best The camera: aim and shootTotal and absolute fluencyRear less slipperyFunctional autonomy (with fast charge) The Worst These screen frames in 2019The management of notifications on iOSWe still have no reverse wireless chargingWe’re going to 1,300 euros After a few months, we started the month of October with a …

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