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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Review

samsung note 10 review

Samsung intends to start the year 2020 by presenting a new phone that makes the Galaxy Note features more affordable for most consumers. The simplest version of Note 10 is about to perform, and, as is customary in this sector. All specifications have already filtered. In this article, we will …

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Vivo Apex 2020, LG V60 and Samsung S10 Lite

samsung s10 prices

This week we should be talking about the news of the technological world. But with the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress. In the end, we will discuss Samsung s10 prices and what we have been ads “splashed” and different private presentations both face-to-face and streaming. The last one is …

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Huawei Mate Xs, contact and First Impressions Reportage

huawei mate x

Huawei Mate x has surprised us with the presentation of the Mate Xs, just a year after launching its first folding screen smartphone. It comes with improvements in design resistance, a more powerful SoC, more battery, and a camera pack at the height of the company’s top smartphones. Huawei has …

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Audacity, Free digital Audio Editing Software

digital audio editing software

Audacity is a free digital audio editing software. Easy-to-use, multi-song audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. I like it due to the fact it can be utilized by average Joe to document, edit, and submit audio clips fast and effortlessly. The digital …

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How to capture the screenshot in Windows 8 & 10

screenshot in windows

Take a screenshot on your Windows. Windows 8 and 10 computers can use keyboard shortcuts to take and save a full-screen capture automatically, and all versions of Windows allow you to take a full-screen capture by pressing the “Print Screen” button. Other methods, such as using the Clippings Tool to …

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5 Google Maps Tips and Tricks, You need to know

Planning a road trip or planning your daily trips is stressful, but it becomes even more frustrating when you can’t find a place to park or if you lose your signal, and the time you had to be present at home is approaching. Providentially, the Google Maps for Android and …

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How to make a screenshot on Mac or Windows

how to make a screenshot on mac

This article applies to: How to make a screenshot on Mac OS XHow to make a screenshot on Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista Instructions to take a screenshot of an error in Windows Click on the error window To capture the screenshot, press the Print Screen button …

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The Best Online Meeting platform

best online meeting platforms

GoToMeeting In case you’ve ever been part of a web demo or considered a web presentation. Then probabilities are you’ve got used the best online meeting platforms “GoToMeeting (or Cisco WebEx conferences, for that count).” Consequently, you know a touch bit about how this kind of software program works. Even …

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How to Optimize the Performance of your Computer

optimize computer performance

In this article: optimize the computer performance of Windows 10, optimize the computer performance of Windows 8, optimize the computer performance of Windows 7. Everyone knows how tedious it can be to work with a computer works slowly and takes an infinite amount of time to perform the simplest of …

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Roborock S5 Max, Analysis And Opinion

cleaning robots

The Best These cleaning robots have a Navigation system, Good power with low noise, Control from the app, Water tank capacity. The Worst Only for 2.4 GHz WiFi, No spare parts included Waste deposit capacity, Very conservative with distances to obstaclesRoborock S5 Max is the new proposal of the Chinese …

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Realme 5, Analysis and Opinion

realme mobiles

Some Good Additions “Infinite” autonomy Fast fingerprint reader and facial recognition Enough performance for the day today Very versatile camera Some Bad Loading too slow Screen without HDR or HBM Micro-USB port No NFC connection Realme is the advanced mobile with new technology that promises of perfect use and comfortable …

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How to Clean C Drive In Windows 10

c drive cleanup

If you are also a window user and you are using your Storage in divided parts. And you are storing your data in the C drive you have divided some part of the Storage in the C drive. Then there are common issues that are available of full Storage or …

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