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10 Methods to Enhance Your Wi-Fi Router Speed

Is the Internet connection too slow? These easy router tweaks might make a world of distinction on your private home wi-fi network and can increase your Wi-Fi Router Speed.

A great router could make a significant distinction to your internet connection speed. But when you do not have the money to fork out on a top-of-the-range model, what different avenues are open to you?

Hold studying if you wish to know how to optimize router settings for speed or set up one of the best router configurations for the good Wi-Fi Router Speed and quicker web.

1. Automate a Reboot Schedule

They must not reboot most newer routers commonly. However, when you’ve ever run right into a useless internet connection, rebooting your Router is usually all it takes to get you again up and working.

However, if you end up rebooting the Router regularly, the DD-WRT and Tomato firmware choices each have timed reboot choices. Please set it to reboot as soon as a day when you’re sleeping; you may by no means even notice the downtime, whereas the router powers off and begins back up.

2. Make Router Faster With a New Antenna

An easy solution to make a router quicker is to purchase a brand new antenna.

The antenna on most consumer-grade routers is terrible. However, an amplified aftermarket antenna is a superb repair and an easy method to enhance signal high quality (and thus strengthen speed) without needing a brand new device. Powered and amplified aftermarket choices begin at around $15 and go up into the low $100s.

Plug-in vary extenders are a bit more expensive. However, they act as a powered antenna and wi-fi repeater in a single. Therefore, they will supply a significant enhancement to houses with dead zones or signal degradation.

3. Disable Older Wireless Protocols

How to optimize router settings for speed? One of many first issues you possibly can think about is turning off outdated wi-fi protocols.

Newer routers on the 802.11ac protocol supply capabilities far exceed many ISPs’ service choices. Unfortunately, whereas the Router may be quick, lots of your gadgets are most likely utilizing older protocols—such as 802.11g—which slows your entire network down as quickly as this device connects. Ideally, you need to remove any machine you see utilizing b or g protocols.

In order of fastest to slowest, the most rapid protocols are ac > n > g > b.

Seek the advice of your router documentation to learn how to do that.

4. Change the Channel Width

What about one of the best router settings to enhance speed in your local network? For instance, how will you make a video stream between your devices extra quickly?

One of the best router configurations for local speed typically entails altering the channel width. The wider the width, the extra that older devices on older protocols will undergo interference.

5. Maintain Your Router Up to date

The most neglected method to maximize router speed is to ensure your Router runs the manufacturer’s latest software program and firmware.

Sure, the updates are usually safety fixes, but they don’t seem to be going to make your Router blazing-fast instantly. However, each incremental achievement may also help. In the event you’ve not been up to date shortly, you may see extra of a lift than you’d expect.

6. Experiment With Router Location

It is not only about discovering one of the best router settings for quick internet. You also want to think about where you put your Router in your house.

As a result of the Router competing with each different 2.4GHz and 5GHz device in your area, refined actions typically make a world of difference. Moreover, the construction materials of your home may intervene with the wi-fi signal. For example, stable, concrete walls are notoriously hard for a wi-fi connection to pass through.

7. Optimize Your Router’s Channel Settings

Let’s take one other look at finding out how to make a router faster by optimizing the settings.

Have you ever thought about altering the Router’s channel? Many free tools scan your local airwaves for the media with minor interference. They’ll then recommend which channel you need to change.

You could change the channel from throughout the Router’s settings. But, once more, you will learn how to do that using your device’s documentation or online help web page.

8. Change the Router to a Completely different Band.

A typical home fills with wi-fi devices. Fortunately, with a dual- or tri-band router, you will have the capability of separating them to maximize speeds.

You are opening one other lane for network site visitors in straightforward terms. However, whereas a one-lane road will get you there, two (or three) lanes are better for everybody concerned.

With a dual-band router, you may assign some to the different (and usually much less crowded) 5GHz band as an alternative to your devices competing for a house within the 2.4GHz band.

9. Change Your Network Name and Password

Many otherwise tech-savvy individuals still use their Router’s default username and password. Unfortunately, even intermediate hackers can hack comparatively secure networks with non-default passwords.

Using a robust wi-fi password is equally necessary. While you may do a fantastic job splitting your devices up into separate bands, updating your firmware. And switching channels throughout excessive site visitors durations is all a train in futility in case your neighbors are piggybacking your wi-fi and using it to torrent films all day.

10. Set up New Firmware

Many routers hold the settings comparatively dummy-proof so that you do not screw something up. Whereas that is nice for many customers, generally, you need to dive in and hack the settings until operating a router that far exceeds its price tag.

There are several open-source firmware choices for a few of the hottest routers. Whereas not each Router is supported, there isn’t a shortage of excellent options. They may also help you velocity up a Netgear router, find one of the best settings for a TP-Hyperlink router, and make nearly any router brand run faster.

DD-WRT, OpenWRT, and Tomato make some of the most popular third-party firmware.

Remember that when you stick along with your ISP’s {hardware}, putting in new firmware isn’t a possibility. That is one of many causes it is an excellent suggestion to replace your ISP’s Router with a store-bought one.

Optimize Your Router Settings for Speed

Hopefully, this article has proven you find out how to maximize your Wi-Fi Router speed and establish one of the best configurations for faster internet.

A few of the steps may sound slightly sophisticated, but when you take the time to learn and understand the tweaks which might be accessible to you, you’ll improve your Wi-Fi router speed in minutes.

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